Nanak Shah Fakir

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Nanak Shah Fakir

UA | 13 Apr, 2018 691 Votes

There's but one god.

2 hrs 25 min | Biography, Devotional, Drama

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The film is based on the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Born in 1469, Nanak traveled the world to spread the essence of `Ik Onkar` (there is but One God) as a philosophy and way of life. A philosophy that has survived and risen above the flux of conflict and time, impacting over 50 million followers worldwide and giving birth to Sikhsm as a way of life.

Throughout his life, Guru Nanak shared his blessings of divine knowledge through mystic and soulfully divine music. He sang to the Lord and taught us, ordinary mortals, the virtues of peace, love and harmony. Guru Nanak was referred to as Shah by the Muslims and Fakir by the Hindus, the highest honor given in both religions, and hence came to be known as Nanak Shah Fakir.