Nanhe Jaisalmer

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Nanhe Jaisalmer

U | 14 Sep, 2007

1 hrs 54 min | Drama

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10 year old Nanhe lives in arid Jaisalmer with his mother, sister and camel. He earns his living as a tourist guide and organizing camel safaris. Unlike other 10yr olds, Nanhe`s dreams aren`t fickle. He has just one dream to meet actor Bobby Deol. And on one lucky day, Nanhe gets the chance to appear in a shot with Bobby in a film. From that day they become friends.
Nanhe writes to his dost, Bobby regularly, telling him about his triumphs, his battles and his joys. And as Nanhe grows up, Bobby`s thoughts influence his thoughts and actions.
When Nanhe hears that Bobby is coming to Jaisalmer for a shoot, he is overjoyed. They meet and Nanhe`s life changes forever. His dost gives him words of wisdom which help him to overcome obstacles and also stand up for himself.