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U | 01 Jan, 2016 38,389 Votes

A heartbreaking yet heartwarming story.

2 hrs 46 min | Drama, Family

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A Shakespearean tragedy, Natsamrat is an adaptation of a legendary play from a Marathi play by V. V. Shirwadkar. Appasaheb Belwalkar, the reigning king of the stage has retired. He has lived the glory of the golden era of Marathi stage and played all the Shakespearean characters with gusto. As fate has it, life has kept some more drama under the wraps at home for Appa. When the children to whom he has given everything selflessly turn against him, what will Appa do? If anything is dearest to the selfless but self-righteous Appa, it`s his pride. How does he, with his better half Kaveri, play the third act of their life with a proud zest makes this classic a heartbreaking yet heartwarming story.

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