Naukar Vahuti Da

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Naukar Vahuti Da

U | 23 Aug, 2019 4,478 Votes

2 hrs 0 min | Comedy, Drama, Romantic

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Shivinder is a family man and wants to be a songwriter. His wife wants him to choose one of the two as he was not able to be both for the longest time. But before Shivinder could make his choice, she leaves him and goes back to her parents` house along with their daughter, Mannat. What option is a man left when his in-laws won`t let him be with his wife and daughter? Becoming their driver was one!

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Naukar Vahuti Da: Film Review – An Endearing Family Entertainer
Verdict: Binnu Dhillon shines in this hilarious take on familial complications. Latest Punjabi film Naukar Vahuti Da has been made in many languages, including Hindi. What makes the Punjabi version sta...
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