Naya Daur

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Naya Daur

U | 15 Aug, 1957

2 hrs 53 min | Drama, Musical, Romantic

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Naya Daur a classic directed by B R Chopra released in the year 1957 which is re releasing 50 years later in colour by the previous makers of the film.

The story is of two friends, Shankar and Krishna, one is a tangawala and the other being a wood cutter who resides in the content village of Karanpur. The villagers being content with what they have because of Seth Maganlal for whom the whole village works, because of belief being that all he owned was because of the villages hard work therefore he took care that they are happy. All is fine till the Seths greedy and money centric son Kundan appears who installs machines in the wood cutting business putting half of the village to hunger and misery.

Along with Kundan a girl named Rajni for whom both the friends fall. Which later leads to bitterness and enemity to their friend ship. Krishna and Kundan tie hands to remove the entire charioteer out of business by introducing bus services for the village. By much request Kundan agrees to withdraw the bus service if the chariot can beat them at a race to the mandir. Shankar ascertains a shorter route to the mandir for the chariot and takes help in making the route. The film is a story of Man v/s Machine, bourgeoisie v/s proletariats and the have v/s have not.