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U | 04 Feb, 2011


Applicable Offers


Biswanath (Ritwik Chakraborty), a chartered accountant by profession, buys a beautiful necklace for his wife Sikha (Rituparna Sengupta) to celebrate his promotion at work place. On the same night, a burglar named Keshtopada (Rudranil Ghosh) sneaked into their apartment in second floor. The couple woke up and the burglar jumped from the balcony and hurts himself. Suddenly, the burglar`s wife Kanak Champa( Locket Chaterjee) rushes to the spot and started crying. After Kesto was admitted to the hospital, Biswanath brought Kanak to his flat and asks his wife Sikha to take care of her. Advising Sikha to offer some cash to the burglar`s wife to keep her mouth shut, Biswanath left for work.

Now Kanak lives like a queen for a day under the patronage of Shikha. But what will happen when the couple will come to know of the fraud that has been done to them? Will Kanak be able to give up this affluent lifestyle and go back to her old rugged one?