Nenjathai Killathe

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Nenjathai Killathe

- | 29 Feb, 2008


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Viji, a young girl lives with an affectionate brother and her sister-in-law, who dislikes her. Viji happens to meet Ram, who keeps following her. Ram proposes to Viji and she accepts his love in spite of him being poor. Meanwhile Pratap, Viji's relative, loves her but does not disclose his feelings. When the marriage between Viji and Ram is on the verge of being sealed, Viji's sister-in-law spoils it by portraying an ill image of Viji. As things don't go well, Viji is forced by her brother to marry Pratap. Years later, Ram gets married to a rich girl and comes to live in a flat close to Viji's, which in turn makes her jealous. Gravely ignored by Viji, Pratap decides to leave for Calcutta. Viji is invited by Ram to his flat only to find out he is not leading a happy life, struggling with an ailing wife. Does Viji thus, choose to stay by Ram and comfort him, or does she decide to stand by her marriage, is what the climax is all about!