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U | 21 Oct, 2016

1 hrs 58 min | Drama

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The movie shows the struggle of a young artist. He comes from a village to the city to try his luck in acting. When he reaches the city he does odd jobs in a theater. He tries very hard to get a role in a play. He also attempts to audition in an acting competition.

He is very attracted to the leading lady of the play but she behaves insultingly towards him. Disappointed and dejected, he decides to return to his village and come back to the city only when he has reached his full potential.

Meanwhile in the city, the producer of the theatrical company tries to misbehave with the leading lady; but she escapes from him and joins the young man. The young lady is mesmerized by the beauty of the village and develops a loving bond with young man's mother. The young man, still smarting from her previous behavior, behaves rudely with her. What happens next?