No Fathers in Kashmir

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No Fathers in Kashmir

UA | 05 Apr, 2019 243 Votes

1 hrs 53 min | Drama

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Noor, a teenage British Kashmiri, arrives in Kashmir on a quest to retrace her roots and find her long-lost father. She`s aided in this search by a local boy named Majid, who is smitten by her. However, things take a dark turn after the two stumble upon a dark secret that puts Majid`s life in danger. Can love ever be the same again for these youngsters?

India Today   rated it
No Father in Kashmir
No Fathers In Kashmir leaves you thinking of the thousands of disappeared fathers, sons and brothers long after you leave the theatre. And the fact that it is a reality that Kashmir battles every livin...
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Aditya   rated it
Issue was relevant I think everyone should see the real problems of Kashmir rather than the fake ones of which the director has made a fantastic attempt to do so...