Officer Arjun Singh IPS

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Officer Arjun Singh IPS

UA | 18 Oct, 2019 288 Votes

2 hrs 0 min | Action, Drama

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An honest and valiant cop, Arjun Singh IPS (Priyanshu Chatterjee) is transferred to Allahabad city, Uttar Pradesh to investigate the case of a missing girl Maya (Rita Joshi) from Nari Niketan home. While investigating, Arjun locks horns with the minister and a corrupt politician Balaknath Chaudhary (Govind Namdeo), his son Kundan.

Chaudhary (Vijay Raaz) and their companions. Amidst all this, Arjun meets the love of his life Durga (Raai Laxmi) who is a key witness in the case. Finally, Arjun retaliates using the power of khaki to punish the culprits. The mission is both dangerous and life-changing.

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