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A | 29 Sep, 1995

1 hrs 31 min | Drama

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The film is set against the backdrop of the first communist Ministry of Kerala on the eve of its dismissal in 1959 after less than two years in power. A school going teenage, Jayan, grows warm relation with Bhasi, the tailor, who is a staunch Communist Party activist. Jayan's father is a strong sympathiser of Congress party. Jayan with knowledge dawning upon him realises how Bhasi and his near and dear ones live on the verge of fear of being annihilated by the henchmen of Congress and upper castes who seem to usurp power by unsure means and violence. Jayan's intimate rapport with Dr. Tharakan, a scientist of sorts, engaged in the theory of impending doomsday, helps him see things clearly. Jayan realises the truth besmeared by blood, murder and revenge.