Paayum Puli

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Paayum Puli

U | 04 Sep, 2015 2,752 Votes

An action film you must watch!

2 hrs 18 min | Action, Drama


Paayum Puli is an upcoming Tamil action film set in Madurai. The film is written and directed by Suseenthiran. The film revolves around an undercover police officer, Jayaseelan, portrayed by Vishal and a docile girl who is scared of everything. What happens when people on the wrong side of the law cross Jayaseelan's path? Based on true events, this action movie is a must watch!

Times of India   rated it
Paayum Puli
As he showed with Naan Mahaan Alla and Pandiya Naadu, Suseenthiran has a flair for giving us engaging action films that are well within the commercial format and still feel fresh in terms of presentati...
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Santhosh   rated it
Paayum Puli
The movie was good. Vishal and Samuthirakani acted well in the movie. Soori comedy was also very good. But some scenes were not thrilling, it bores....