Pachuvum Kovalanum (Malayalam)

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Pachuvum Kovalanum (Malayalam)

- | 14 Oct, 2011 2 Votes

Comedy, Drama


Mukesh plays Pachu, who is a television serial director by profession, and a highly successful one at that. Kovalan (Suraj Venjarammoodu) is his cousin brother and Assistant Director, who interferers in pretty much everything that Pachu does, and generally makes life a hell for him. The two brothers have a great ancestry indeed, that had led them to being such creative artistes. Their mothers (played by Kalpana and Sona Nair) used to be Chavittu Nadakam artistes, who however had quit the scene after one of their performances brought the stage down. Pachu also has a highly suspicious wife to deal with (Jyothirmayi), and a housemaid (Lekshmipriya) who is also one of his greatest fans. The former keeps track of his calls and conversations, while the latter makes wily suggestions and comments.