Paper Dhoni (Kannada)

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Paper Dhoni (Kannada)

UA | 22 Jun, 2012

2 hrs 20 min | Drama


Director RR Nayak has covered various social issues through a rag picker in this Kannada drama. The film deals with farmer suicides, naxalite killings, women in singular houses and corruption.

Naveen Krishna plays a speedster in Paper Dhoni, Shanthala stars opposite Naveen Krishna and plays a doctor in this film. Leaders can benefit from the film`s message. This film has been produced under the Raja Rajeshwari Creators banner by Janardhan, a textile businessman.

Sri Suman has done the film`s music and Jai Anand has shot the film. The rest of the film`s cast includes Avinash, Satyajith, Adhi Lokesh, Vinayaprakash.