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U | 25 Nov, 2011

2 hrs 10 min | Drama

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Indian youth of today is constantly in a hurry. From village to town, from town to city and from city to overseas. Is there a way to stop this feeling of urgency and make a person happy and content living in a place where he is born. Will the road that goes from village to a city for employment and happiness ever be able to give the same message on the other side. Parambi is a film that throws light on this issue in an entertaining manner. It is the story of Gangadhar, played by Bhushan Pradhan who returns to his village after staying away for many years. He discovers that not much has changed in the period that he was away, infact have only worsened. He makes up his mind and decides to give his village an overhaul. Will he manage to succeed in his vision even after being dissuaged from negative influences within the village? Parambi is a treatment film which is aimed at offering lot of entertainment with a message.