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UA | 20 Jul, 2007

2 hrs 23 min | Comedy, Romantic

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Partner is the story of `love guru` Prem (Salman Khan) who enables many hopeless men to woo women who they could only dream of getting. But the love guru makes this dream only a step away in reality. His most hopeless student Bhaskar who has fallen head over heels for Priya Jai Singh (Katrina Kaif), one of the most beautiful woman around. The date doctor comes to rescue by covering up the mess ups Bhaskar can create.
Prem guarantees 100% success in all his projects, but when he falls in love with hard exterior journalist Naina (Lara Dutta), he does everything wrong that can be done and now he himself needs a Partner in his quest for love.
Partner is an adaptation of the Will Smith starrer Hitch. It guarantees brilliant comedy combo Salman and Govinda, along with beautiful and tall ladies, Katrina and Lara in a typical brainless and comedy flick by the King himself David Dhawan.