Pen Singam

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Pen Singam

U | 04 Jun, 2010

Crime, Drama

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The film is about a forest officer, Suriya,(Uday Kiran) who with a volition of culminating bribery from the forest department faces a menace from Simha Perumal (Radha Ravi), who is a forest product smuggler. His love Meghala (Meera Jasmine) fulfills her aspiration of being an IPS officer, but little did she know, that her love is suspected of a murder as the accusation laid by his friend Nagendra, a tamil scholar, who with his incredible speech, impresses Prabha, daughter of a business man and marries her, for she believes his persona to be of a gentleman`s, but little did she know, that her husband in an avarice of dowry and involment in extramarital affairs would allege her for having intimate relationship with his friend Suriya. This provokes Suriya to battle with Narendra due to which Prabha is killed leading Suriya to land up in jail for this inappropriate murder accusation on him. Will Meghala fight for Suriya and save him from being accused of the falsity conspired against him?