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U | 08 Mar, 2019 1,298 Votes

1 hrs 51 min | Drama

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The film highlights an unusual bond between a sixty year old Dalit worker Azhagan and an eight year old middle class girl Radha, who has moved to Kerala with her parents. Azhagan who comes to clean the backyard of her house develops a bond with Radha as she reminds her of her own sister. Together, they visit Azhagan`s workplaces and Radha is introduced to different landscapes of the city.

Within no time their bond grows stronger. Azhagan is equally liked by Radha`s mother. However, his proximity to Radha and her mother doesn`t go down well with Radha`s father Vinod. Things take an ugly turn when Vinod`s construction company decides to acquire the land that belongs to Azhagan`s community. Will all this weaken the innocent bond that Radha and Azhagan share? Will Azhagan be able to fight for his community?

The Times Of India   rated it
To conclude, the movie is a refreshing change from the current new-gen films as it has made sure to deal in depth with the issues that are prevailing in the society since ages. The rich become richer a...