Per Sollum Pillai

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Per Sollum Pillai

A | 16 Jul, 1987

Action, Drama, Romantic, Family


'''''Per Sollum Pillai''''' has Kamal Haasan as an orphan, who is adopted by a wealthy family. He gets adopted into the family when he saves the entire family from being deliberately poisoned by a miscreant. K. R. Vijaya, the mother of the family, raises him as one of the family even though others outside the family see him as a servant. Kamal helps to run the family smoothly and looks after his step-parents, brothers and sisters like his own. He remains faithful and grateful to his step-parents for adopting him, an orphan, as their own son. Except for his step-parents and his sister, the other members of his family are jealous of the position his mother gives him in the family. Kamal's step-brothers are pleasure-seeking and lazy and want to live an easy life surviving on their mother's earnings. They also try to exploit a female worker in their house Radhika, whose mother Manorama (Tamil actress) is the cook of the house.