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UA | 27 Sep, 2013

A childrens` story for adults

2 hrs 8 min | Drama

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An adolescent boy (Phoring, for ``Dragonfly``) grows up in a back-of-beyond township in North Bengal. Surrounded by the lush Dooars countryside, the town barely survives the shutdown of a factory. Maladjusted and a born loser, Phoring fights the voices in his head which he calls God. A new teacher (Doel) arrives in school, and opens up his mind to things unknown. Just when Phoring starts to believe that this is not a dream, Doel disappears abruptly leaving behind a trail of doubt and suspicion. Phoring decides to go looking for her in Kolkata. Phoring is a story of adolescence most adults deny they ever had. In fact, we prefer to believe that we jumped straight from the flowery innocence of childhood to the informed maturity of adulthood. The awkwardness, lack of direction, gawkiness, and lack of identity are themes we prefer never to associate with ourselves. Phoring is a sweet film to remind us of that sense. It is definitely not a film for children. It is a children`s story for adults.