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UA | 16 Oct, 2015 244 Votes

2 hrs 31 min | Drama, Suspense

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Mr. Jayadev (Anant Nag), a successful businessman and a billionaire, is always on the forefront of news for his honesty, sincerity, positivity and dedication. He strongly believes in being and doing good. His son, Vivek (Chethan Chandra), also believes in goodness and is a philanthropist. Vivek suffers from `misophonia`, a disorder that elicits excessive negative and immediate emotional and physiological response on listening to sounds.

Suddenly, Jayadev and his son are subjected to attacks from an anonymous person. Who is behind the attacks? What is their actual motive and intention behind the attacks? Why would anyone hurt a person who has always been good in life? And how Jayadev takes revenge on the attackers despite following the path of goodness is the substance of the film.