Polytechnic (Malayalam)

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Polytechnic (Malayalam)

U | 04 Jul, 2014

One man`s attempts to improve his village.

Comedy, Drama, Romantic

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Pauly (Kunchacko Boban) leads an easy life as a politician in his village. As he belongs to a well-to-do family, he does not have to earn anything. Instead, all his activities are for the welfare of his village.

However, when Pauly is forced to look after his family, when his father, an army officer is killed in a terrorist attack. As his father died during his service period, the family is eligible for some money from the government. Pauly decides to use this money to do something good for the village.

Thus, he decides to reopen the closed biscuit company in their village. His friends Becker (Aju Varghese), Murukan (Niyaz Becker), and Udayan (Dr Rony) join him in his attempts.

Sukumaran Nair (Vijayaraghavan), the president of the panchayat and a member of the opposition party does everything to disrupt Pauly. They have been enemies from a very long time. However, the romance between Pauly and Sukumaran Nair`s daughter Aswathy (Bhavana) intensified their enmity.

Aswathy is a sub-inspector of police. The obstacles that Pauly faces and his attempts to overcome them are depicted in a humorous way in Polytechnic.