Poshter Girl

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Poshter Girl

13+ | 12 Feb, 2016 3,030 Votes

A swayamwar leads to changing the mindset of the villagers where female infanticide is practiced.

2 hrs 20 min | Comedy

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Takaode, a perfect, quaint, little village in Maharashtra, known for its rich culture and heritage. Its rich and fertile soil has the capacity to grow crops and keep its farmers happy and prosperous. But the one thing which has put this village on the map and brought it to the country`s notice is not this, it is the fact that there are no girls left in the village and all the eligible and wealthy boys are left high and dry with no hope of ever getting married or having a family.

The village is famous for female infanticide and for turning women out of the village who bear a girl child. As a result of which there are no girls left within the village and nobody from the neighboring villages is willing to marry their daughters into Takaode due to their malpractices against women. One day, Rupali, a young, educated and beautiful girl comes visiting her uncle to the village and everything changes overnight. Every bachelor in the village starts vying for her attention and starts to shower her poor uncle with undue gifts and favors. Rupali decides to use this opportunity and transform this regressive village and the people who inhabit it.

What ensues is a mad roller coaster ride where she asks the final five `eligible` bachelors to do the impossible and perform beyond their capacities in a swayamwar of sorts. As these men stumble towards winning her heart they also transform into men of substance.