Pranchiyettan And The Saint

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Pranchiyettan And The Saint

UA | 10 Sep, 2010 103 Votes



Pranchiyettan hails from a rich family that is traditionally into the business of selling rice. But he has an inferiority complex about the fact that he is not that educated. And so Pranchiyettan hankers for social acceptance.Padmashri (Priyamani) is a Mumbai-based interior decorator who hails from Thrissur. She invites Pranchiyettan to inaugurate a painting exhibition, after learning about his generosity.After a while, Pranchiyettan realises the futility of yearning for acceptance. Meanwhile he meets a 15-year-old boy named Poly (Master Ganapathi).Pranchiyettan's interactions with Poly changes his perception of life.