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- | 16 Aug, 1991

Action, Crime, Drama

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After being driven out of house by his diabolic uncle Sajhan (Paresh Rawal), young Krishna finds shelter in the house of his school teacher, Saraswati Devi (Raakhee). Saraswati has two children, Suraj and Jyoti, but, Suraj has been distanced from the house because of the tactics of Sajhan. Giving him up for dead, Saraswati Devi brings up Krishna and Jyoti. Even on growing up, Krishna`s past denies to stop haunting him. Sajhan`s only son, Raghu, rapes and murders Jyoti, along with his two pals. They also run over Sraswati, leaving her crippled. Both Krishna and Saraswati pleadge to avenge Jyoti`s murder, but this is when Suraj comes back into their life with an aim of arresting Krishna, for he doubts him of being on Sajhan`s pay-roll.