Premalo ABC

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Premalo ABC

UA | 25 Jul, 2014

A story about friendship and love.

2 hrs 14 min | Drama, Romantic, Suspense

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Ajay, Balu and Chandhu are three very good friends. Ajay happens to fall in love with Siri (Sri Lera) and in time, even Siri accepts his love.
But after a few days, Ajay comes to know that Siri is cheating him for money, along with his best friend Chandhu. Here comes the twist in the tale as both Siri and Chandhu get killed on the same night. This mysterious case is handed over to ACP Ranadheer (Ajay).
Who killed Siri and Chandhu ? What is their flashback? How are Ajay and Balu interlinked with their flashback ? Will Ranadheer nab the murderer ?