Punnami Nagu

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Punnami Nagu

A | 10 Apr, 2009

Drama, Thriller

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Naagulu (Chiranjeevi), a snake charmer, falls in love with Menaka, whose adopted brother Narasimha Raju is in love with Naagulu`s cousin Laxmi(Rati Agnihotri). Naagulu`s father feeds him with poisoned food since childhood and this makes him resistant to any snake bite. Every full moon, Naagulu behaves like a cobra and searches for a woman and every woman he meets dies due to his poison. On one such full moon, he kills Menaka and Raju gets suspicious about this, as there are no marks of a snake bite on her body. A young teacher comes to the village and becomes Naagulu`s victim. Raju investigates with the help of film in her still camera and discovers that Naagulu has become a snake. Naagulu`s father reveals his secret before dying and Naagulu tries to find a remedy, but it`s too late for that. His skin starts peeling off like a snake and Raju advises him to leave the village before villagers find and kill him. Naagulu prefers death to the life of a snake and commits suicide from a hilltop.