Purani Jeans

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Purani Jeans

UA | 01 May, 2014

Rediscover and relive the youthful days with Purani Jeans.

2 hrs 17 min | Drama, Romantic

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Purani Jeans is a fun-filled film based on the belief that friendship is like a pair of old jeans - the older it gets, the better it becomes. This is the belief that protagonist, Siddarth Ray has learned from his best friend Sam & come to realize as he makes a journey from New York city back to his hometown, a small hill station in India, after 12 long years.

A coming of age saga, the movie depicts the agony and ecstasy of youth, rediscovering bonds of friendship and love. The story beautifully shows a memorable time in young lives when one forms enviable bonds of friendship, trust, jealousy, joy, envy & love while also dealing with problems of distant parents, broken hearts and pressures of growing up.