Puthiya Mugham

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Puthiya Mugham

UA | 28 Aug, 2009 14 Votes



Kichu, a sweet little chocolate boy, has to face Sudhi, the villainous boy of the college. Kichu is unwilling to get into fights, and taking the advantage of that, Sudhi beats him up on accounts of suspicion of the girl he likes being attracted to Kichu. Kichu is seriously wounded after this fight, but fortunately or unfortunately, he gets a flashback phenomena which makes him aggressive and hostile. Kichu returns to the college and then teaches Sudhi and his people the lesson.

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Amaljith   rated it
superb movie
superb movie an rajuettan pwolichu fight okke superb castingum kollam theater experiance adipoli an songs ellam kidilam camera work athilum superb...