Pyaar Ka Karz

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Pyaar Ka Karz

- | 23 Apr, 1990

Action, Crime, Drama

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Musician and singer, Ravi Shankar falls in love with Dr. Naina. However, when Ravi comes back from a concert, he finds that Naina is marrying Shekhar, an ex-convict. Heartbroken, he meets Seema Sanyal. They fall in love and get married. Seema is then murdered by Lalji, who was responsible for tormenting her with phone calls `Hello Hello Jee`. Ravi confronts and kills him.
After hearing this underworld don Rajpal partners with Ravi and then begins a spree of their crimes. Bombay`s Police Commissioner, Arun Kumar decides to deal with the criminals and end them. Does he succeed or not, forms the crux of the story.