Qayamat Hi Qayamat

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Qayamat Hi Qayamat

UA | 14 Sep, 2012

2 hrs 5 min | Action, Drama

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A group of girls from Ahmadabad Girls College come to Rajsthan for a trip and in Udaipur, they meet Raja, a tourist guide who takes them to various historical sites.

Rani feels like she`s always known Raja when she meets Raja. One fine day, Rani visits Khumbhalgarh where she realizes that this is her rebirth and her lover in her previous life was none other than Raj.

Everybody is shocked to see them reincarnated. Rani then narrates the story of their previous life to Raja, telling him that in his previous birth, he could see a treasure hidden underground. Due to Raja`s uncommon ability, Tantrik Thakur and a corrupt police officer take advantage of Raja`s power and force him to hide the ancestral treasure from their fort by trapping Radha. After misusing his power and getting the treasure they kill Radha and Raja.

However, life comes full circle and they reincarnate as Raja and Rani with a clear remembrance of everything with a decision to avenge and kill the culprit.