Qissa Panjab

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Qissa Panjab

A | 16 Oct, 2015

The stories of six youngsters.

1 hrs 40 min | Drama

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Qissa Panjab is a multi narrative contemporary film set in Punjab. It explores the lives of six young people, their hopes, aspirations and dreams. Arjun is a rich young boy into substance abuse and his only ambition is getting his next fix. Deep is a basketball player whose life suddenly puts him on a completely different path. Kismat is a struggling dancer who aspires to be a great actress one day. Speed is a petty thief who nurses a dream to migrate to Italy. Sukhjeet is a young orphan struggling to finish her studies. Heera is a singer who wants to make it big in the world of music. The lives of these six people cross each others in myriad twists and turns to an unexpected ending .