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U | 21 Apr, 2017 2,638 Votes

2 hrs 3 min | Drama, Romantic


Love has many reasons to blossom; some say love at first sight is when two eyes meet, surrounding which are many other reasons for it to ensue. The expression of love in words involves the entire nature around us in poetry. The whole world seems to be nonentity compared to the person whom you’ve fallen in love with, and for which there is a forever tag, “Love is blind”. Having no desire to glimpse none other than the person you are in love is one thing, and what if you are deprived of seeing your love? What if “Love is blind” is “Blind in Love”! This expression of a love of two blind people with no prejudice or expectation, in fact, love in its pristine form is RAAGA – The melody of love.

Times of India   rated it
Should you watch this film? Yes, it is a good attempt that can be acknowledged if you like bittersweet love stories of underdogs....
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surendra   rated it
very story
one of the super movie and great blind story eye less peoples love story is heart touching and the you Shekarji you have given us great movie...