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- | 03 Jul, 2009


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At 50, Shekhar (Sayaji Shinde) is a wealthy bachelor because all girls who have ever wanted to marry him are only behind his money. However, he marries Sharmilee (Preeti Mehra) and goes to Akhandananda Swamy (Jeeva) to inform him about the marriage and that he is leaving for his honeymoon trip. The guru asks him to avoid the trip at any cost but he does not pay attention.
When they reach the hotel, Shekhar is almost killed in a murder attempt. After sometime, his wife finds him in a pool of blood.
But she is bewildered for the reason that she was going to kill Shekhar with the help of her boyfriend and the two would then have his property. But they soon realise that their is a third somebody who is behind all this. They think it is a ghost that will come for them too, sooner or later.
The rest is how they run to save their lives and the truth that is revealed as a result.