Rangi Taranga

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Rangi Taranga

UA | 01 Jul, 2016 28,104 Votes

A Kannada thriller movie

2 hrs 29 min | Musical, Thriller


To mark the one year celebration of Rangi Taranga will be hitting additional screens from the 1st of July, 2016.

Gautam, a novelist leads a reclusive life in Ooty. Gautam`s latest novel is titled Rangi Taranga, a word which might hold the key to his past. Indu, a soft-spoken girl, paints the cover pages for all of Gautam`s novels. Sandhya, a self-proclaimed journalist, is in search of an anonymous writer who goes by the pen name Anashku. Unforeseen circumstances lead Gautam to Indu`s ancestral home in the village of Kamarottu.

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