Ranviir The Marshal

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Ranviir The Marshal

UA | 22 Oct, 2015

A martial arts film with tons of action!

2 hrs 11 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

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Ranviir has lived in a cocoon built by his strong-willed mother Ayesha. She wishes to keep her son protected for as long as she can. Sometimes we run away from our own destiny not realizing that the journey itself is also predestined, so is the life of Ayesha and Ranviir.

Ayesha and Ranviir are more or less happy, barring minor turbulences when Ranviir is disturbed by dreams of a martial arts hero fighting for justice and valor. However, whenever these dreams disturb Ranviir, Ayesha is always quick at making him feel that it is only the influence of the action movies that he so often watches. Ranviir is never entirely convinced by the reasons she gives but doesn`t want to probe her too much knowing that his mother could be very obstinate when she chooses to. He has a streak of uncontrolled anger in him that makes Ayesha wary and she dreads what might happen if she allows him to pursue martial arts and keeps him busy and happy with chores and encourages him to pursue softer forms of art.

But soon the mother and son`s comfort zone is invaded when Ranviir starts going to college. Ayesha may have been successful in guarding the secret behind not allowing him to learn martial arts despite his natural inclination towards it but she cannot control the events at college where he is suddenly thrown into contact with his outer world, a world where he is exposed to his diverse mindsets and even diverse arts.

So what has Ayesha been hiding from Ranviir? Will Ranviir find out?