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A | 27 Sep, 2013

When the closest becomes fatal...

2 hrs 16 min | Thriller

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The film portrays sibling jealousy and is a story of two sisters Suhani and Sonia. Being an adopted child when Sonia is favored lot more, Suhani develops hatred towards her and vows to ruin her life. Suhani soon develops a killer obsession. And taking an opportunity of an argument between Sonia and a friend, she kills the friend. Sonia is caught in this murder and sentenced to imprisonment. Suhani then kills a lesbian hostel mate and further tries to mess Sonia`s life by trying to kill a doctor who loves her. But will this doctor be a solution between this cold war waging Suhani`s mind for Sonia or will he too be slaughtered just like others were?