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UA | 17 Jun, 2011

1 hrs 52 min | Drama, Romantic

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Pappu (Sreejith Vijay) stays with his mother after completing high school, awaiting results. He falls in love with Rathi (Shweta Menon), a woman elder to him. After some problems, the two families know about the love issue. They forbid them to see each other.

Rathi meets Pappu in the sarppakavu (snake temple). Pappu seduces Rathi and they make love in temple. However, after making love to Pappu, Rathi is bitten by a snake. Pappu offers to take her home, but she refuses saying that people would find out that they were alone in the temple. She goes home and starts crying loudly. Pappu watches all this helplessly. Rathi's mother, hearing her scream, comes into the room and asks her why she was crying. Rathi tells her that a snake has bitten her.

The whole family carries Rathi to the hospital. Pappu watches all this secretly. Whether Rathu survives to defend her love, forms the crux of the story.