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UA | 20 Jun, 2008

2 hrs 53 min | Action, Romantic

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This is a story of Chandu (Ram) who belongs to a big joint family of RS Brothers. He falls in love with a girl Pooja(Genelia), who turns out to be the only daughter of NRI Chalasani Prasad (Naga babu). She returns to India after a long time due to the sudden death of her parents in an accident. Her Uncles ( Kota Srinivasarao, Jayaprakash Reddy) have an intention to reside her back in India for a huge sum of property that her parents have left behind. They want their sons to get married to her to inherit the amount. Chandu`s best friend Google Gopi (Ravi Varma) also loves Pooja and turns out to be her uncle`s son who would like to marry her. Instead of Gopi`s love, Chandu`s rising insecurity to lose her ends up with him kidnapping Pooja. He takes her to his house which results in Pooja falling for Chandu.