Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala (Malayalam)

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Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala (Malayalam)

U | 08 Mar, 2013 3 Votes



Rebecca Uthup is an Asian Games medallistand her dream is to be part of the Olympics. The village of Kizhakkemala, where she is from, has high hopes for Rebecca and they support her by all means.

She needs intense training. and Arjun is her coach for the same. It iss at this time that Oommen Koshy from UK, enters her life. He is a student at a private college at Kizhakkemala. Rebecca`s marriage is being fixed with Kuruvila, a rich man from Kanjirappally, the native place of her mother. The movie moves forward to new planes when these three persons enter Rebecca`s life in one way or other.