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U | 05 Jun, 2009 117 Votes

2 hrs 31 min | Action, Drama


Arjun (Nani) is a college student who wants a bike. His father, however, does not buy him one. On the other hand, Mahesh (Tanish) who hails from a middle class family wants to help out his father with the family expenses. He gets a job but the manager says he must have a bike. So his mother sells some silver articles to get him one. But one day as he goes to buy medicines for his father, the bike gets stolen. His goes jobless.
One day he sees Arjun riding his bike and learns that he bought the bike from a chor bazar after winning a bike race. They then come to a mutual understanding as per the advice of a priest where they agree to share the bike judiciously.
But soon things take an unexpected turn and the two end up in trouble.