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- | 11 Apr, 2008


Applicable Offers


This is the story of a look alike duo, Rishi (Sarathkumar) and Velu. Rishi is a professional thief who works for Satya (Arun Pandiyan), whereas Velu works for a moneylender. One day Rishi happens to watch the minister Devaraj (Devan) kill a television reporter who has a proof to expose him. The reporter hands over the floppy to Rishi before dying, leading the minister into a mad chase for Rishi to protect his seat.
In one of Rishi`s missions, night club dancer Nandini (Sanghavi) loses her eyesight because of him, leading him to take care of her all the way and pay for her operation, despite knowing she could recognise and later expose his gang.
Meanwhile, Velu is mistaken for Rishi by the minister`s gang and he is confused when asked for a floppy. Also, Velu`s girlfriend sees Rishi with Nandini and mistakes Velu to be cheating on her.
Bewildered, both cross paths one day and things fall into place.
Meanwhile, Devan kidnaps Nandini and blackmails Rishi to kill the Chief Minister. The rest is how the duo save Nandini and overturn the conspiracy on Devan.