Rock Star

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Rock Star

UA | 04 Dec, 2015 66 Votes

2 hrs 4 min | Drama, Musical


Rockstar is a musical romantic comedy that discusses the ideologies of the youth of today and how the older generation responds to it. Siddharth Menon plays Ananth Abraham, a singer for a popular band and Eva Pavithran plays a beauty stylist. What happens when these two diverse people cross paths, forms the crux of the story said in a fun, energetic, vibrant and colorful way.

Onlookers Media   rated it
Rock Star
In total, Rockstar is a watchable entertainer if you are just looking for a decent new generation entertainer with some lighter moments, music, romance etc....
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Praise joe   rated it
Review for a movie
Siddarth menon should actually concentate on his music career than movie's. coz there are well better people who can act well better than him.faltu acting .still tried something....