Ronde Saare Vyah Picho (RSVP)

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Ronde Saare Vyah Picho (RSVP)

UA | 11 Oct, 2013

A big fat Indian wedding tied up with confused Bride.

2 hrs 8 min | Romantic

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Once upon a time in good ol` Sadda Punjab, lived a carefree and cheerful girl named Manpreet.

Like any lively Punjabi girl, her big fat wedding day had finally arrived with teeming pomp and fanfare. Jasraj Brar was his name. He was your characteristic, cock-and-bull story Punjab Da Prince Charming; Flamboyant, Hoodlum, Brawny & Affluent. Everything in life seemed completely different, exciting and worthwhile. Meanwhile, the effervescent Manpreet is not so sure about him. Unmistakably, he's not `The One`.

All hope seems lost.

Until.Manpreet`s only glimmer of hope rises in the avatar of a long-lost heart. A man who is helplessly and hopelessly in love with her.