Room No. 103

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Room No. 103

A | 15 May, 2015 205 Votes

Find out what goes on in Room no. 103.

2 hrs 1 min | Drama, Thriller

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Rudra Chatterjee is a hotel manager for last 20 years. He knows the peculiarity of the Room NO. 103 of his hotel & tries to find out the reason of the strange things happens with the boarder of that particular room. He doesnt allow everyone to that room except those, whom his intuition hints asthe suitable one to be the guest of that room. Once the boarder enters, he eagerly waits for the incident. He is sure that something good bad ugly will happen with that boarder. Rudra is narrating 4 stories from his memory. The first one deals with a college girl`s first love. Second one, with a contract killer. Third story is about a suburban girl who became a celebrity actress. The last one, tells us the story of a renowned film director, Koushik Ray.