Run Antony

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Run Antony

U | 08 Jul, 2016 1,129 Votes

The unraveling of the past.

2 hrs 9 min | Action, Drama, Thriller


Life seems to be perfect for a young lad who has good values in life, his career going well, good friends and a girl he is about to propose to. At this point he is forced to run. While on the run, he meets a lovely damsel, which takes him from one mystery to another! He is drawn to her, but another unforeseen event puts him on the run again. While the others run to catch him, he runs to find out what went wrong. Clues point to bigger things that threaten the world, but he has to unravel the past to piece together what the future holds.
Watch to find out if he is able to run to the solution or is out run by fate!