Sachin -The Movie

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Sachin -The Movie

U | 19 Jul, 2019 2,373 Votes

2 hrs 17 min | Drama, Romantic

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Sachin`s father named him after the great Sachin Tendulkar since he was born on the day the batting legend scored a sensational century. So, when he falls for a girl older than him (just like Tendulkar did for Anjali), the youngster starts believing that perhaps he shares a lot more in common with his idol than just a name.

What follows from this point forms the crux of this breezy romantic comedy directed by Santhosh Nair.

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Sachin: Film Review - A Fun-Filled Match
Verdict: A light-hearted movie that will appeal to cricket lovers. Right at the start, the narrators voice claims that Sachin is not a movie just about cricket but is about that person whose life revol...
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Ashwin   rated it
must watch
After Punjabi House and Godfather this is the next best funniest malayalam movie of all time! Anna Reshma and Dhyan's big break! watch out for these future superstars!...