Sahasra (Telugu)

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Sahasra (Telugu)

UA | 04 Oct, 2013

Drama, Romantic, Thriller

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Rudra Narasimha Raju (Rajiv Kanakala) is the overlord of the Chinthapalli Samsthanam and its surrounding villages. He has a beautiful wife named Mayukha. According the local customs the King`s women are forbidden from appearing in public. But word of Mayukha`s beauty reaches Chinnappa (Shafi) and he decides to seduce her at any cost. With the help of an Aghora Chinnappa learns black magic and practices his craft on Mayukha.
Unexpected things happen and the King and Queen are found dead. After a long time Mayukha is reborn as Sahasra (Ira) and Chinnappa comes to know about this. He decides to seduce this lady and quench his desire.
What happens next? Will Sahasra succeed in evading Chinnappa?