Santa Banta Pvt Ltd

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Santa Banta Pvt Ltd

UA | 22 Apr, 2016 577 Votes

A film with comedy of errors and a laugh riot.

1 hrs 52 min | Comedy


A rib -tickling, present-day account of the misadventures of Santa and Banta, world renowned, albeit fictitious, funsters of jokelore.
This is the first in the series - and in this film, Santa and Banta travel to Fiji Islands in a case of mistaken identity, as Indian Spies.
Their hilarious mix-ups with the underworld, politicians and of course, various interesting ladies, with typical Punjabi music and flavor as a seasoning, results in a laugh-riot.

BMS Reviewer   rated it
Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd.: Film Review – Trying too Hard to be Funny
Verdict: SMS jokes are better. The names Santa and Banta have been immortalized by the era of forwarded jokes via text messages and later via WhatsApp messages. The duo`s talent for taking things liter...
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vivek sharma   rated it
Santa Banta Pvt Ltd
his film actually a one of the biggest disappointed of this year, this was a low budget film. Jokes was very poor. Looks like anybody can create this kind of movies....