Sarpanch Bhagirath

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Sarpanch Bhagirath

UA | 04 Mar, 2016

Watch what happens when politics and caste get tangled together.

1 hrs 36 min | Drama


Sadakaka Deshmukh (Mohan Agashe) has been the head of the village of Lokapur for 30 years. But he has to step down from this powerful position due to the reservations policy. The reserved candidate in Lokapur has to be an OBC (Other Backward Classes). Knowing that a wealthy OBC village head would not heed him, Sadakaka gets Bhagirath Girme (Upendra Limaye) elected, because he is confident that Bhagirath will do exactly as he says.

Bhagirath`s small family consists of his parents, wife (Veena Jamkar) and two daughters. He is a simple man who lives a straightforward life, not looking beyond himself and his farm. In his family, nobody has held a powerful position in several generations. Once in awhile, he has discussions on politics and society with his friend Shridhar (Kishor Kadam), who is a poet and believes in the eradication of caste.

However, reservations mean a certificate, which can be obtained only through one`s caste. Shridhar feels that the policy of reservations has started a journey in the opposite direction while Bhagirath derives satisfaction from being able to work for poor people. But his dreams suffer a setback when Rahi, his wife,gets pregnant for the third time.

Rahi wants to give birth to a baby who will become an MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly). However, since the law does not allow a person to be a village headman if he has a third child, Sadakaka wants her to have an abortion.

What does Bhagirath tell Rahi? Does Rahi agree with him? This film tells the story of Rahi and Bhagirath, the OBC village headman. And also of the six thousand plus castes of this country and of the millions of voters who are tangled in the caste system. God has created only two genders male and female But man has created a third gender called caste. Who will abort that?